Aqua Cleaning Company


Knowing that most businesses operate under their brand image, their base of operations needs to reflect that brand. Aqua Cleaning Company will give business premises that shine that will impress visitors and the work carried out will remain discreet and operate as efficiently and safely as possible so as not to interrupt the daily operating of the business itself.

Though we have full Public Liability Insurance, safety always remains paramount. By using telescopic pole wash systems that can reach the height of up to 60ft, we will eliminate the use of ladders to protect both staff at Aqua and staff on the premises.

Full risk assessments are carried out before any work is to be conducted. Commercial services include:

  • Shops

  • Hotels

  • Restaurant

  • Car Show Rooms

  • Care Homes

  • Inside/Out Window Cleaning

  • Health Centres

  • Offices/Office Blocks

  • Apartment Blocks

  • And Many More


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